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Presidential Decree No. 312, Government Gazette 264/19-11-2003

Graduates of this Department are awarded with the degree of Fishery and Aquaculture Technologist. According to the Presidential Decree No. 312, Government Gazette 264/19-11-2003, the professional rights of the department's rights are described as follows :

Graduates of the department of Fisheries and Aquaculture Technology acquire the necessary scientific and technological knowledge in order to be employed independently or in cooperation with other scientists for the development and application of research and technology in the areas such as:

  1. Fisheries & Aquaculture, Aquatic Environment and Biotechnology
  2. Μanagement, quality assessment and technology, handling and distribution of fish products
  3. Quality control of aquatic systems

The degree automatically provides access to a regulated profession.

Graduates of this department have the right to be employed as managers in aquaculture industry or to be self-employed. They have the knowledge and skills to participate in every aspect of fisheries technology and marine products processing. Specifically, they can be employed in:

  1. Design, organization and operation of aquaculture units of any kind and size.
  2. Production, standardization and quality control of all fisheries and hatchery products, fish-feeds, as well as in the compilation of relevant technical reports.
  3. Gathering of fishery products from private and public sector.
  4. Assessments and audits carried out for the ascertainment of damages to fisheries production, and the deterioration of marine products intended for human consumption.
  5. Collecting data and write technical reports pertinent to: a) design, organization and operation of fish markets and b) appropriate cooling and/or freezing practices for the correct product preservation.
  6. Trading of fisheries products, marine medicine, hatchery materials, algae products, fisheries equipment and tools, as well as equipments and tools used for the control of fisheries production and finally the establishment and operation of shops, specialized laboratories and offices pertinent to fisheries development and production.
  7. Marine products processing operations as production and quality control managers.
  8. Design, organization and operation quality control laboratories of marine process products
  9. Implementation of HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) and ISO (International Standardization Organization), for all stages of fishery productions, processing and distribution of marine products.

Department Graduates are able to advance themselves in all organizational and technical positions related to the following sectors: aquaculture, fisheries production, seafood processing and quality control. Graduates are also able to certify the quality of all fisheries and seafood products intended for human consumption.

Graduates are enrolled in the Expert's Manufacturers Registry (MEK) that belongs to the Ministry of Infrastructure, Transportation and Networking for designing and installation of aquaculture units, as well as for specialized fisheries projects.

Graduates are employed in all stages of education and professional training in accordance with the national legislation. They can also be involved in research programs relevant to their specialization.

Graduates practice their profession in accordance with the professional rights described in the above sections.

Professional activities described in the above sections are practiced in accordance with the current legislation.

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